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Emily's Baby Shower Card Video
Happy x3 Birthday Card Video
Bear Paw Quilt Block Card #diy #cardmaking #craft #handmade #crafting #art
Granny's Birthday Card Video
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 © Koren Wiskman: All rights reserved. Any reproduction or reuse without my express written consent is forbidden. Do not copy or share anything directly from this blog without my expressed permission. The posts on this page are for inspirational purposes. CASEing projects created by others for submission to a contest or magazine etc. will not be allowed under any circumstances. Lets keep the paper crafting community full of inspiration and love for one another by lifting each other up and supporting each other. I would absolutely love to see you copy a project I created for your personal use. So much so that I would love for you to photograph it and tag me on Instagram @korenwiskman. Thank you for understanding and Happy Paper Crafting!

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