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The One with the Poshta Design Homespun Holiday Gingerbread Village Felt Projects

Hello everyone.

Today Poshta Design is releasing a NEW felt kit called Homespun Holiday Gingerbread Village Kit. It makes gingerbread houses that you are not tempted to eat. This kit comes with a ton of products to create your gingerbread houses. I have two projects to share with you using this kit so if you want to know more, keep reading.

This release will be live on Saturday, July 2nd 2022

Visit Poshta Design to see all the wonderful products they have to offer. I love making things out of felt and Poshta has super cute kits that have everything you need to create with. I used up my kit creating the projects in this post but one of them is a gingerbread banner that took up a good portion of my felt. I think all in all I made seven houses and maybe five gingerbread men before I ran out of the light brown Gingersnap felt. I hope you like my projects and are inspired to create your own something great with these products.

Check out yesterdays post to watch a video of me using some of the products from this kit on another project. I used the Gingerbread Friends Die set that is not included in the kit to make those ornaments.


There is a GIVEAWAY over on the Poshta Designs Blog. (CLICK HERE!) to see the blog post. Comment for a chance to win. Winners will be chosen there on Saturday 7/2.

Gingerbread Village Kit

Gingerbread houses are one of the most iconic holiday staples. They are a marvel of confectionery, sure to delight even the most obstinate Scrooge. The Homespun Holiday: Gingerbread Village kit celebrates these cheerful dwellings and all of their sugary sweet design possibilities. The die includes embroidered piping options, an array of architectural details, and charming seasonal accents. There is so much variety you’ll be able to put together a Christmas village filled with entirely unique creations - no royal icing required! From 100% wool felt to a carefully curated collection of beads and sequins, everything you need to make beautiful ornaments arrives right to your door in one convenient package. This kit even includes needles, cord for hanging, and a zippered project bag so you can keep your works-in-progress safe and tidy.

Retails for $100

Homespun Holiday: Gingerbread Village Contents

27-piece die set

zippered project bag

2 all-purpose needles

handy needle storage tube

printed inspiration guide for easy reference

exclusive access to inspirational instruction videos

5 yards of white crochet thread

3 rolls of 5" x 36" felt in Walnut, Gingersnap, and Tundra

one 5" x 6" panel of Cardinal felt

one 5” x 6” panel of Arugula felt

5 skeins of embroidery floss

4 colors of seed beads

2 colors of sequins (in two sizes)

compartmented bead storage container

I have an unboxing video sharing the contents of the Gingerbread Village Kit. For links to products used on this project scroll down or check the description box over on YouTube.

My Gingerbread House Ornament:

I cut the main house die from the Gingersnap felt from the kit and adorned the front with a door, a window, and a snowflake. There are so many options to decorate your house, but I chose to keep in simple. I think I may still make one adorned with tons of candy but I want to order some colored felt and make it a bit pastel in color. The door was cut from the darker walnut felt as well as the shutters for the window. I added the snow or icing at the top which made the layers at the top pretty thick. You can use Clover wonder slips to keep your layers together. This was especially helpful at the top.

Use Clover wonder clips to keep your layers together as you stitch them.

I cut the snowflake into the top portion of my house and stitched it with the white DMC floss provided in the kit. I also adorned it with the clear beads at the ends and in the middle of the snowflake. I used one strand of floss doubled over to make a loop.

I wanted to personalize the back of my ornament. So I used the Accessory Alphabet also available from Poshta Design to put a "W" on the back. I cut an oval into the center. I used a die from my stash but you could easily cut this shape with scissors or an electronic cutting machine if you have one. I used the filigree looking die from the Village Kit and cut holes to stitch a fun design around my oval opening in the back. I stitched these using two strands doubled over to make a loop (which makes four strands). behind the oval aperture I cut a piece of the white felt and cut a "W" in the center. My square measured 2 inches by 2 inches but use whatever you have and measure accordingly.

To attach my "W" piece to the back of my felt I used a product called Stitch Witchery. I have the size 1/4 inch. This product is like double sided tape for fabric and it's activated by steam from your iron. Be very careful if you have beads on your piece. The hot iron can sometimes melt your beads. I always use an ironing cloth of some kind between my piece and the iron. The steam activates the adhesive and your letter will be permanently placed behind the window.

Be very careful if you have beads on your piece. The hot iron can sometimes melt your beads.

I combined all of my layers together, including the chimney. To add the chimney I cut two layers and stitched the top together with coordinating thread and avoided stitching the bottom homes which are provided so that you can easily stitch it to the roof. Just line up the holes while you are attaching all of your layers. I also added a small piece of the white pearl cotton twine to the top as an ornament hanger.

I got some puckering in this ornament because I got a knot while I was stitching and I needed to pull my threads out. While doing so it puckered my fabric. I like to be careful not to do that, but sometimes it happens. I did try to iron it flat after it was finished. Maybe it will loosen up over time and relax.

To make the banner:

I had to make my houses into a banner. Originally I thought I would spell "home" and then I changed it to "joy". I felt like it was just a bit more Christmas-y. I did basically the same things to construct this banner as I did the Gingerbread Ornament. I made a front of my house and a back of my house adorned with a wreath and a heart both from the same Homespun Holiday Gingerbread Village kit. I did change up the colors by added some black into the mix. I want my house to be white with black accents in real life, so whenever the opportunity arises for me to create a house, I usually make it look like my dream house, white with black accents.

I used up a generous portion of the supplies that came in the kit. I love how the banner turned out and I can't wait to hang it up in my foyer during the holiday season. I might make one that says "home" for the rest of the year. Ohhhhh I could even make a halloween one...

I hope that I've inspired you to create something today. Thank you for visiting my blog. Don't forget to visit Poshta Design to check out all of the wonderful felt projects and products they have to offer.

Until next time.


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Jul 01, 2022

These are soooo cute. As I was looking at yours, I was thinking that I could make a church, make houses for different holidays like you said--Halloween...LOVE your houses! Sharon Gullikson

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